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Kit Mercer in Nurse Kit At Your Service

The sexy MiLF Kit Mercer decides to dress up as a sexy nurse and give her toyboy Rion King some naughty service. They horny MiLF Kit Mercer knows exactly what he needs to forget about his hurt ankle…

When her toyboy Rion King hurts his ankle the sexy MiLF Kit Mercer makes sure to take care of him. Kit Mercer dresses up in a sexy nurse outfit and gives Rion King a sponge bath in the sofa. She makes sure to tease him with her big tits and sweet round ass before giving him what he wants.

Then when she notice that his cock is starting to get hard she takes it out. Kit Mercer then soakes his big dick in oil as she jerks him with her hands. As his cock grows bigger and bigger she soon takes out her big tits and lets him fucvk them. After a nice titty fucking the sexy MiLF starts to give his cock a sloppy deep blwojob. Kit Mercer loves to suck dick, and she is a true pro at it.

But sucking his cock have made her pussy crave to get stretched, so she then pulls her panties to the side. She then climbs on top of his hard shaft and rides him cowgirl-style. That is however just the beginning, once her pussy gotten a taste of that big dick she wants more. Rion King then goes on to fuck the sexy MiLF nurse Kit Mercer in various positions. The horny MiLF loves how deep he fucks her andhear moans grows louder the more he pounds her. Then as Rion King is about to cum Kit Mercer makes sure to suck every drop of cum from his newly fucked cock and swallowed it all. MiLF nurse Kit Mercer really knows how to give the best service to her patients and their cocks!

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