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Leia Rae & Tiffany Fox in Family Swap Wife

In this episode of Family Swap the strict MiLF Tiffany Fox makes the swap family behave in a proper manner. But when she leaves the room the swap siblings Rion King and Leia Rae can’t keep their hands of each other. Their swap dad Jack Vegas tells them that he’s totally fine with their naughty activities. Later when the swap mom Tiffany Fox comes back from taking a shower she catches Leia Rae getting fucked by her swap brother! Jack Vegas knows how to calm her down and soon enough they are all having a swap family orgy!

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, swap siblings Rion King and Leia Rae are feeling some sexual tension as they enjoy some family time by playing a board game. Their swap mom, Tiffany Fox, warns the kids that they’re going to act like a real family. But then as soon as she leaves to take a shower the kids’ swap dad, Jack Vegas, lets them know he’s cool with their flirtation. He tells them that he’s hoping to get with his swap wife in a biblical way over the weekend. He just wants them to understand that they need to keep it hidden from Tiffany Fox since she takes the swap seriously.

With dad’s blessing, Rion King and Leia Rae get busy with each other. When Rion King pops Leia Rae’s big tits out of her top, Jack Vegas claims that he’s uncomfortable. He then pretends to leave when in reality he just gets out of sight so he can watch them. Soon enough, Rion King has his hands down Leia Rae’s panties so he can diddle her clit. She pops Rion King’s big cock out so she can get on her knees and start sucking. Rion King waits until he can’t take it any longer and shoves Leia Rae onto the couch so he can eat her out. Then when she’s nice and wet he lets her slide down on his hardon. Slipping his hands beneath Leia Rae’s ass, Rion King helps hold her in place as she rides his fuck stick.

The kids barely even notice as Jack Vegas returns. He goes on to tell them to cut it out. But it’s only because he’s jealous after been kicked out of the bedroom by Tiffany Fox. She told him that she doesn’t want him to see her naked. Before Jack Vegas had a chance to go for another try, Tiffany Fox walks into the living room. She freaks out when she sees her swap children fucking and her swap husband sitting next to them reading. But Jack Vegas calms her down by kissing her on the neck and giving her the affection she’s craving.

When Tiffany Fox capitulates, Jack Vegas tells the kids to come over so all three of them can give their swap mommy the attention she’s been missing. Now that the whole swap family coming together to make sure she’s feeling loved, she starts to relax. Tiffany Fox then opens herself up to the family orgy that’s building. Leia Rae gets to enjoy dad dick in her mouth while Rion King eats his swaps mom’s pussy. Then Tiffany Fox gets to have Rion King pounding her pussy while Leia Rae rides Jack Vegas’ hard dick. Climbing onto her knees, Tiffany Fox gets double stuffed as she sucks Rion King off and has Jack Vegas pounding her from behind.

Leia Rae can’t help but masturbate at the hot sight. Until she gets to lay down and let daddy take care of her while Tiffany Fox rides Rion King. Jack Vegas pulls out to cover his swap daughter in jizz as Rion King creampies his swap mommy. The swap siblings may have started out only into each other, but it turns out that playing with the whole family is lots of fun.

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