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Zoe Oliver in Step Daughter Cant Stay Out of Trouble

Marcus London needs to make sure that his step daughter is happy Zoe Oliver is happy, or he will have to give his ex-wife his Porsche. But Zoe Oliver loves to cause trouble for him if she doesn’t get whatever she wants. It soon becomes clear that the only way that Marcus London can make his step daughter Zoe Oliver not to cause trouble is to fuck her horny little pussy.

Zoe Oliver’s mom, Lynsie Lee calls her ex-husband Marcus London to let him know that his ex-stepdaughter is on the way. Marcus London really owes Lynsie, so he agrees to watch her wild daughter and keep her occupied and happy. Zoe Oliver kicks off their weekend by asking if Marcus London has any weed. He unknowingly takes her to a dealer so she can get her fix. Later, Zoe Oliver sneaks in on Marcus London while he’s in the shower. Cracking an adult beverage, she waits for Marcus London to notice. She continues to sexually harass Marcus London when he comes downstairs dressed to the nines. When Marcus London leaves for work, he tells Zoe Oliver not to burn the house down and then trusts her to be good. Later, when Marcus London returns, he finds Zoe Oliver mostly naked and masturbating her hairy fuck hole in the living room.

The next day, Marcus London takes Zoe Oliver hiking. She’s not prepared for the heat, but she also has to pee. She tells Marcus London to wait for her and then disappears. After she pees, Zoe Oliver decides to smoke and masturbate in the shade. Marcus London is pissed when he finds her. Zoe Oliver decides she’s horny and she wants some of Marcus London’s cock, but when Marcus London resists Zoe Oliver calls her mom. That makes Marcus London agree to do whatever Zoe Oliver wants. Before he even hung up the phone his stepdaughter on her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth. With the promise of some hardcore fun, the daddy-daughter duo relocates home for a more comfortable fuck fest.

Once they’re in bed, Marcus London lets Zoe Oliver suck him off to her heart’s content. Then he peels her clothes off so he can get hold of that hot little pussy. After he have fingered her he goes onf to get a tase of her fresh pussy juice. When Zoe Oliver has finished riding daddy’s face, she hops onto his cock. Her cooch is nice and tight as Marcus London lets her ride him in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. They take it down a notch with some spooning sex, and then Marcus London gets Zoe Oliver on her back so he can drive into her hot twat.

He then roolls Zoe Oliver onto her belly, and gives her every inch of the big hard cock. Then he flips her to her back so he can pull out and cover that muff in jizz. They then agree they won’t tell Lynsie about their new affair. Marcus London agree to keep their naughty affair going, if his step-daughter Zoe Oliver promises not to cause trouble.

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