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Gabriela Lopez Compensates Her Friend’s Husband

After the busty Gabriela Lopez gets thrown out by her ex, her friend’s husband Lucas Frost goes and gets her stuff for her. His wife has allowed her hot friend Gabriela Lopez to stay at their place until she gets a new place. But Gabriela Lopez wants to make sure she compensates her friend’s husband, with the help of her big tits and wet pussy.

Busty nympho Gabriela Lopez was kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend. But luckily her friend’s husband, Lucas Frost, helped her out by getting her stuff out of the place. Lucas Frost’s wife has also offered Gabriela Lopez to stay with them while she’s finding a new place. But little dows Lucas Frost know that his wife’s curvy friend wants to fuck him. So after he helps get her bags to the guest room, Gabriela Lopez starts to touch him inappropriately. He stands up and tells her that he better go and take a shower before starting with dinner.

But after Lucas Frost comes out of the shower he finds Gabriela Lopez laying on his bed in some sexy lingerie. He tells her that his wife will be back soon and that she better go. Gabriela Lopez then tells him that she wants to thank him for helping her out. She then starts to undress and show her massive natural tits. Lucas Frost tries to resist, but he can’t stop himself from playing with her big tits. Lucas Frost goes on to worship her big tits with his hands and mouth, and Gabriela Lopez loves having him sucking her nipples. But Lucas Frost soon wants more, and he takes off her panties to get to her pussy. He then starts to eat her wet pussy while jerking his big dick. Than Gabriela Lopez gets down on the floor and starts to deepthroat his hard dick.

Before fucking her dripping wet pussy Lucas Frost also makes sure to give those big titties a proper titty fucking. Gabriela Lopez then bends over and takes his hard dick deep inside her hungry pussy. Lucas Frost makes sure to fuck his wife’s hot friend Gabriela Lopez in every day he can. He ends their hot fuck session with giving her big tits another fucking until he cums over her pretty face. Gabriela Lopez will make sure that she compensates her friend’s husband Lucas Frost a few more times in the future.

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