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Alena Croft in Anal Stretching In The Shower with Scott Nails

Sexy blonde MiLF Alena Croft is trying to get her new tight jeans on, but the problem is that her big juicy ass is too big! While she tries to stretch them out in the shower, her husband’s friend Scott Nails is spying on her. But when she catches him playing with his massive dick, she decides to ask him for help. But while Scott Nails tries to stretch her jeans, he ends up ripping them wide open! Alena Croft then demands that Scott Nails gives her a hard anal stretching as an apology!

Sexy MILF Alena Croft has just received a package with her new tight jeans, and she’s excited to try them on. The problem is that she ordered medi7um, and they look way too small for that… But Alena Croft decides to try them on anyway, and see if her juicy MiLF ass fits. While Alena Croft tries to squeeze her booty into the pants her husband comes into the bedroom. After he sees how his wife is struggling with fitting her ass into the pants he starts mocking her. After he leaves, Alena Croft is now more determined than ever to get the pants on. When she finally gets her round booty into the pants she discovers another problem… She can’t move while wearing them. So Alena Croft now starts to try and stretch them out in various ways.

Right then her husband’s friend Scott Nails sees her. Scott Nails can’t belives his eyes when he sees the sexy blonde MiLF bending over and doing all sorts of sexy poses with her big ass. He decides to keep perving on her and sees what else she will do. Soon Alena Croft comes up with the idea of maybe soaking her jeans in the shower will help stretch them out. While the sexy MiLF is soaking her pants in the shower, Scott Nails has now started to play with his massive cock. Then in the middle of playing his huge cock bulge, Alena Croft catches him spying on her! Alena Croft is shocked and asks what he is doing! But at the same time, she notices what is poking out of his pants. So while Scott Nails tries to apologize, Alena Croft comers up with a naughty idea…

She asks him for his help, she asks him to stretch out her jeans. But as Scott Nails starts to pull on her jeans Alena Croft bends over with her ass in the air. But as Scott Nails pulls it’s not long before he rips her jeans wide open and exposes her big ass. She then tells him she thinks he did that on purpose! She tells him that she saw that big hard cock while he watched her in the shower, and she goes on to grab it. Alena Croft then demands an apology in the shape of getting an anal stretching by that big dick! She then pulls aside her panties and spreads her big booty for him.

There is no way Scott Nails can say no to her big sexy ass, and he immediately slides his big dick inside her tight ass. Alena Croft hasn’t had a proper fucking for a while and she loves the feeling of having her husband’s friend’s dick in her ass. After he has stretched her tight asshole for a bit Alena Croft turns around to get a taste of his man meat. After some sloppy sucking the two move back to the bedroom. In the bedroom the anal fucking continues. After Scott Nails has given Alena Croft and her ass a hardcore anal stretching he gives her a mouthful of cum. Just as Alena Croft swallowed all of the cum her husband comes up to look for his friend. Scott Nails hides behind the bed and Alena Croft tells her husband she hasn’t seen him…

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