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Valentina Jewels & Arietta Adams in Cousins Can Share

When Valentina Jewels come home with her cousin Arietta Adams it’s not long before they catch the stepbrother Johnny peeping in them. After some various naughty games, the cousins ends up sharing his massive cock together.

Johnny is relaxing at home when his stepsister Valentina Jewels come home with her cousin for the weekend. It’s the first time Johnny meets the cousin Arietta Adams. As it has been a long trip for Arietta Adams, they go and freshen up a bit. Johnny soon goes to check up on them to see what they are doing.

Johnny catches them in the middle of undressing and comparing each other’s tits. Valentina Jewels soon catch her pervy stepbrother peeping on them. Arietta Adams tells her that it’s ok, he is family after all… Johnny then helps compare their tits, and he tells them that he thinks Arietta Adams’ tits are much better after he squeezes them.

Valentina Jewels then comes up with the naughty idea of a titjob competition to see who got the best tits. Arietta Adams thinks it’s a great idea, and Johnny agrees. The two cousins start to suck his big dick together. But in the middle of getting his cock sucked he hears something outside. This leads the two girls runoff and leaves Johnny with a spit covered dick and a pair of blue balls.

The next day Jonny gets woken up by his stepsister Valentina Jewels. She tells him that she has always had feelings for him. She knows he is her stepbrother, but seeing him with her cousin made her feel jealous. Valentina Jewels then goes on to show her stepbrother her tight wet pussy. Then while she starts to play with herself in front of him he spots Arietta Adams peeping on them.

After Valentina Jewels have played with her pussy she starts to stroke and suck on his big dick. Meanwhile, the curious Arietta Adams has now snuck inside the room to get a better view. While Valentina Jewels are deep throating his big cock he cums inside her mouth. Valentina Jewels aren’t satisfied yet though, she wants her stepbrother inside her tight pussy. But while Johnny is fingering her pussy she sees that they aren’t alone and she cases after her peeping cousin.

Later while Johnny is in the shower Arietta Adams walks in on him. She tells him that she and her sister have a completion to see who could fuck him first. Johnny is shocked and confused. But Arietta Adams tells him that she is going to fuck him right then and there to win. She grabs his big dick and starts to stroke it. There’s no way Johnny can resist the cock hungry cousin. After Arietta Adams has given him a sloppy blowjob, she bends over the bathroom sink. Johnny then slides his big cock inside her tight fuckhole as she moans from pleasure.

But the moans are too loud, and soon Valentina Jewels walk in on them. The girls then start to fight about who was suppose to get to fuck him. Johnny comes up with the perfect solution to the problem… Why don’t they just share him together. The two horny cousins Arietta Adams and Valentina Jewels agree to share his big dick. Next, they all go over to Johnny’s bed where they take turns riding his big dick. The cousins then get their pussies stretched in multiple positions he pounds them hard. The naughty cousins then go on to share a massive facial.

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